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We’re a community of infosec folks in Northern Ireland. Everyone is welcome whether you’re a pro, an amateur or just a wannabe! Our aim is to chat about security, help each other out with questions and projects, and provide a social setting for all of this.

The core collaborative group spans a wide range of infosec companies, government and charities. We hope this will ensure no one place has any over-riding influence, and will prevent the organising burden resting precariously on only one or two people. If you’d also like to be more involved please do reach out.



Next Event | First Wednesday of Every Month| Woodworkers | 1900

In the coming weeks and months you can look forward to;

Events calendar

Community Philosophy


A tone of kindness and collaboration being a key priority to facilitate fearless community learning.


A ‘transparent governance’ model was agreed, making meeting issues/discussion available to the public and open for comment, and talking through any arising issues as openly as possible – we want everyone to feel like they understand and can comment on what is being planned.


There may also be other comms channels opened (perhaps in one of the NI slacks, or Twitter), but we’d like to encourage you to use the forum so other people can benefit from the conversations.

Ways you can help:

Later we will need:

Do you like the plan?